It's All About Relationships

Finance Transformation UK is a boutique Consultancy specialising in Finance Transformation. In this article Founder Michael Ryan describes the unique approach it brings to the Market.

I believe greatly in the power of relationships forged through experience and I am very lucky to have a vast network of partners and subject matter experts spanning the whole of the CFO Agenda, as a result of 25 years working with great people.

To harness these relationships and bring a new and innovative offering to the Finance Transformation marketplace I have joined forces with Mark Saywell, a Technology specialist, and a former colleague at Deloitte, to launch Finance Transformation UK! Our skills are complimentary, Mark does the Technology and I do the Organisational change.

As specialists in Finance Transformation, having worked on more than 30 engagements, we focus on 5 core services which we believe will get your Finance Transformation journey off to a flying start. They include:

1. Business Case

2. Target Operating Model (TOM)

3. Implementation

4. Leadership

5. Assurance

At Finance Transformation UK our approach to service delivery is holistic, value focussed, partner enabled and underpinned by experience in managing Finance Teams. We aim to bring our Clients Solutions to any challenge they could face in the Finance Transformation arena and our Partner and subject matter expert (SME) network are critical components of that.

Our Partners provide Solutions that encompass Site Selection, Finance Automation, ERP Strategy, Data Analytics, AI Machine Learning, Networking, Culture and Personal Development. This is supported by award winning SMEs in the core Finance processes of Order to Cash, Purchase to Pay and Record to Report.

Our holistic approach views the Business as a dynamic entity and our analysis extends beyond the Finance function. We identify risks and opportunities anywhere that can enhance the Case for Change in creating a World Class Finance Team.

The core of what we do is demonstrated in our 3 Step approach to the Business Case. The first step focuses on a deep dive across the organisation and is aimed at developing a thorough blueprint of your Business covering everything from Culture to Performance Metrics. We believe understanding the Current Operating Model (COM) is crucial to developing the most effective TOM for Finance Transformation.

Our Target Operating Model design benefits from our direct operational management experience of Finance Teams. We have management experience across Finance teams both transactional and value add. We are ideally suited to judge the effectiveness of proposed TOMs and highlight the pitfalls of implementation.

As Finance people we know Finance Transformation can deliver value to both the Organisation and the Individual.

We provide and look for value everywhere with our AI Partner - Lumilinks, we focus on value to the Business. We gather market and internal data, which we enrich to provide the level of management insight that drives growth. Finance Transformation may be traditionally back office, but we bring a front office mindset!

We encourage Clients to fund their Business Case by performing a payment recovery audit during the Business case. A Business considering Finance Transformation often has a disparate ERP landscape and this is fertile ground, for our Partner - Westgate Moore, to recover funding to cover the cost of Business Case development.

Our Partner - CultureBlox , will engage with your Leadership Team to focus on your culture and values. How effectively they are communicated, understood and lived. CultureBlox can then develop Finance Transformation specific values for the transformation journey and the eventual steady state.

Working together our Partners CultureBlox and Nurxure provide regular assessments of Finance Teams from a Culture, Technology and Process effectiveness perspective. This assurance work is similar to an audit or health check and can be conducted at periodic intervals.

We are always looking to drive automation and create Finance processes that are efficient, agile and compliant. Our Partner - Kanbina brings great value in savings across Finance transactional processes by leveraging the incredible power of AI Machine Learning. This compliments our Partner - Lumilinks which then produces critical management information and insight at Board level.

Finally, and most importantly we place a great emphasis on people and their personal development. Our Partner - Art of Brilliance has a deep well of resources and experienced Tutors who are well placed to monitor the wellbeing of your team.

When you choose Finance Transformation UK you know you are getting experience. We have been there and done that and we want to help you do the same!

Author: Michael Ryan

With 25 years' experience Transforming Finance across multiple Sectors as a Consultant and as a Finance Transformation Leader, Michael Ryan is uniquely placed to advise Clients on creating a World Class Finance Team. Call him now on 0203 1466878