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Our Team represents management experience and deep process knowledge across all aspects of Finance Transformation.

Michael Ryan

Managing Partner of Finance Transformation UK and a Finance Leader whose Mission is to transform Finance and put it at the heart of every Business decision. An inspirational Leader he loves leading people to reach their potential and form World Class Finance teams.

Has led Finance Transformations across all major Finance processes and including Record to Report (R2R), Purchase to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C). Leads by example and his deep operational management experience and Finance process knowledge makes him ideally placed to find and deliver the Benefits of Finance Transformation quickly and effectively.

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Mark Saywell

A Business Transformation Leader with over 20 years’ experience in Big 4 Consulting. Extensive experience leading large scale Finance Transformation system implementation programmes. A subject matter expert in ERP selection, implementation and assurance. Mark helps Clients develop their ERP Strategy and manages that through ERP selection to implementation. Deep experience in all Tier 1 ERP solutions including Oracle, NetSuite, SAP S/4 Hana.

Mark has extensive experience in all Finance processes and has implemented Order to Cash (O2C) and Purchase to Pay (P2P) solutions for multiple Clients across all Target Operating Models including Finance Shared Services. Mark leads the Finance Transformation UK Technology practice and advises Clients on their Digital Finance journey to ensure Finance Automation delivers benefits.

Martin Kirby

An Order to Cash Leader with extensive operational experience leading large scale Transactional Finance teams in high volume environments for Global companies. A deep expertise in the Order to Cash process means his knowledge and experience is highly sought after by Clients, Institutes and Associations operating in the Finance Shared Services and Credit Management industry.

Martin is a multiple Award winner creating top class Order to Cash teams for World Class Finance functions and is the Finance Transformation UK subject matter expert in Order to Cash (O2C) and Purchase to Pay (P2P). His Transactional Finance management experience and subject matter expertise make him ideally placed to Advise on the suitability and benefits of Finance Automation in the O2C and P2P environments.

Chris Tomlinson

A Strategic Advisor for over 25 years, Chris is a vastly experienced Consulting Leader operating as Trusted Partner to CFO’s to set up and manage their Transformation programmes both Business wide and Finance Transformation specific.

Chris is the Finance Transformation UK Strategy Practice Leader working with the CFO to define the programme requirements and get Board approval for the Business Case. His extensive IT Transformation experience makes him ideally placed to advise the CFO across the Digital Finance Agenda on the benefits of Finance Automation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.